4th of July Boat Parade

Even though the boat parade is not an LCAA sponsored event, it is a big event for area boaters.  The Douglas County Sheriff and LCAA remind all participants:

–         Boat regulations must be followed during the parade.  Children aged twelve and younger must wear life jackets.  Pontoon passengers cannot hang their legs over the front end of the pontoon boat.  Be cautious when anywhere near swimmers.

–         Throwing water balloons can be fun but it can also be dangerous.  LCAA asks that the boaters not throw balloons.  (Balloons in the lake pollute.  If they end up on shore they trash the neighbors.  If they sink they cause problems for fish.)  Please keep water balloons on land.

–         Tilting an engine to cause a spray is against the law and is dangerous.

  • – Please do not block the Carlos/Darling channel.  Channels must remain open for navigation.

4th of July boat Parade starts at 10:30 on the south end of the lake, near the Carlos-Darling Channel.  Have FUN be SAFE!

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