So What Is With Late-Night Boat Lights? (Carp Spearing)

Lake residents may have seen activity on the lake late at night that includes spotlights and barges.  Carp spearing has become a popular endeavor.  The activity is particularly heavy on the north end of Lake Carlos near the Long Prairie River outlet.  Carp are bottom feeders and have a tendency to tear-up lake-bottom vegetation, thereby disturbing game- and pan-fish habitat.

Carp populations have increased over the past few years for a number of reasons.  The DNR used to set carp traps to keep the carp out of recreational lakes like ours.  That policy changed some time ago and, as a result, these large wandering fish can now be seen swimming in small groups/schools as they pass docks.  Controlling the increased carp population is a good thing and is now a popular pastime for spearing and bow hunting.  We hope that the bright light activity and the activity around the Long Prairie Dam just off the edge of our lake settles down as we enter into a summer season.

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