Boat Regulations – Life Jackets Save Lives

  1.  All children under twelve (12) years old must wear a life jacket (Personal Flotation Device – PFD).
  2. Boats with enclosed fuel or engine compartments must carry a fire extinguisher.
  3. Boats must carry a “wearable” personal floatation device for each occupant.
  4. Water-skiers, boarders, tubers and jet skiers must wear a lifejacket.

Remember to have a life jacket accessible at all times with Paddle Boards.

Lake Carlos had a close call in early May.  Five spear fishermen experienced a sinking boat.  Neighbors came to the rescue and were joined by the water patrol.  None of the spear fishermen were wearing life jackets, nor did they have life jackets on board.

Please remember to have life jackets on board.  It’s the law!  “10 lives could be saved each year in Minnesota by wearing life jackets.”

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