What does your lake association do for you?

In addition to publishing a newsletter, your lake association:

  • Monitors, tests, and reports on water quality,
  • Works with the DNR to maintain and stock our Lake Carlos fish population,
  • Works with the Douglas County Department of Land and Resource Management to insure that reasonable regulation of lake shore development helps prevent degradation of lake water quality,
  • Monitors pest control and helps prepare for tent-worm infestation that cyclically occurs,
  • Works with the Douglas County Public Works Department to maintain both navigation under bridges and lakes area roadwork,
  • Works with the Sheriff’s Department to help coordinate safety and law enforcement,
  • Works with the county and the state to help control fishing tournament use of our waters,
  • Is a part of the Douglas County Lake Association (DCLA), working to protect all of the lakes in the county,
  • Is a part of the Chain of Lakes, monitoring activity and development on the Chain, and
  • Works with the Douglas County Board of Commissioners on all issues concerning preservation of lake-water quality, property values, taxation, and regulation.
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