About Lake Carlos Area Association

LCAA Mission Statement:  “The mission of the Lake Carlos Area Association is to preserve and protect the serenity, quality, and natural beauty of Lake Carlos.  In addition, it is our purpose to organize and educate all those concerned with Lake Carlos, including lakeshore owners, visitors, and tourists.  We further propose to work as one to accomplish our responsibility to water and the land.”

Lake CarlosWhat Does Your Lake Association Do For You?

In addition to publishing a newsletter, your lake association:

    • Monitors and tests water quality,
    • Works with the DNR to maintain and stock our Lake Carlos fish population,
    • Works with the Douglas County Department of Land and Resource Management to insure that reasonable regulation of lake shore development prevents degradation of lake water quality,
    • Monitors pest control, and is prepared to attack tent worm infestation which cyclically occurs,
    • Works with the Douglas County Highway Department to maintain navigation under the bridges and lake area roadwork,
    • Works with the Sheriff’s Department to help coordinate safety and recreation,
    • Works with the county and the state to help influence fishing tournament use of our waters,
    • Is a part of the Douglas County Lake Association (DCLA) working to protect all of the lakes in the county,
    • Is a part of the Chain committee monitoring activity and development on the Chain of Lakes, and
    • Works with the Douglas County Board on all issues concerning preservation of lake water quality, property values, taxation, and regulation.